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Technology and innovation at the service of Quality and Business. DVS deep technical know-how allows to have a fully comprenhensive vision of the product. The range of possible solutions is wide and can be customized both in terms of functions and of graphics. The industrial design allows to add value to a product by:
• Studies about relationship between the product and its user
• Ergonomic Studies
• Market analysis
• Innovative Graphic Customization
• Prototyping technologies
• Three-dimensional Models
• Rendering

Moulds and moulding

From the construction of the mould according to the client’s technical specifications to the injection moulding of the product. Moulds are made for automated production processes and with a suitable cooling system. Find out more. Find out more.


A wide range of keyboards with customizable solutions both in terms of functionality and that of graphic design.
Find out more.

plastic and keypad

DVS is the only one partners for the customer able to manage the integration between plastic body and keyboard. Find out more.

Technical department

The experience and the deep technical knowledge of DVS in the field of keyboards, molds and PCBs allows to create products “tailor-made” to the customer.

Lead times

The leadtimes are costantly monitored through the gantt shared with the customer.


From project to the choice of construction materials, DVS ensures high quality standard .
Each production batch is checked and it is accompanied by quality control reports.