Who we are


Global and quick management of products, with an unlimited production capacity

DVS was established following the 30-year experience of its founder in the field of electronics. Nowadays, our company operates both in Europe and across the world, as a result of a fast and flexible organisation and a top level product quality.
We have developed two major divisions: one focusing on PCBs and keypads and the other on injection moulds and plastics moulding.
DVS is a global partner that can provide an all inclusive service and a complete product, also offering an ideal solution to any issue a customer may have. From providing advice during the design phase to the delivery of finished products, we can manage quotations, technical documents, quality control and logistics.
Our suppliers operate in Italy and in China, where we coordinate 30 subcontractors selected according to our strict production and organisational parameters. We do not simply supervise them, but we set up a team of skilled specialists at our partner companies, to grant a safe quality level over time.